Daily reminders to reduce stress

I remember and retake my bodhisattva vow
and bow before all the buddhas and noble sangha

These things I know are true:
I am not the cause of everyone’s problems
but I am often the cause of my own suffering through thoughtless action Today I aspire to break the cycle of negative cause and effect and live my day helping others

I remind myself:
The problems I wake up to in my dreams all have solutions
I may not be able to help everybody or myself every time
There are limits to what I can and cannot do
but I aspire to do the best I can, each and every moment

There will always be worries
This is part of our human path and why we are here- to learn That being said, I will not let these worries control me
and make me lose my mindfulness
stopping thoughtful action

Some times I may fail at my tasks
but these times should be seen as opportunities to learn
Failures teach us much about ourselves
remaining humble and listening with thoughtful contemplation to make us wiser in both thought and action

When I succeed
I must remember to stay mindful
and not to release the arrogance of ego
for in so many successes lie the seeds of many failures
waiting to sprout

To all I have hurt before
I regret sincerely
and make this aspiration today and every day to do better

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