I wake up every morning with a list of things that I want to do.
Some of these to-do items are short term, some long.
Fitness, writing, practice, contacting people, keeping my weight stable, practicing guitar, going on a trip- the list is always endless.
Time and weekly work schedule strips this wish list down to size pretty quickly. Ten hours a day taken up in work and bustling life Tokyo, and returning home already I am confronted with both the limitations of time and energy.
Lack of motivation sets in. I often sacrifice one task for another, or cut both of themshort.  After all, there are only so many hours in a day and a finite amount of energy.
Lets face it- we have become too busy. Ten years (nearly) in Japan now and the big city hold no allure for me. I find the constant expanse of concrete oppressive and crave a simler live closer to nature. Alas, this is where I live for now and I must make do.
Consitency and balance.
A wise man once said to me that balance was actually an illusion, as the world around us is actually in a constant cycle of change. That craving after a state of balance is in fact ignoring the here and now of our existence. That balance is in fact, a myth.
Yet, I do still strive after it, a way to do all the tasks that I love to do, perform them fairly and well, without  neglecting any.  I realize that in actual fact, its an impossibility.
Something has to give.
What will give is the rigidity of my mind.

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